Precision Optics

Janos Technology, LLC has been producing precision infrared optics since its beginning in 1970. Janos is a world leader in advanced infrared optics, components and assemblies, meeting the most stringent technical and environmental requirements. Combining optical, opto-mechanical and electro-optical design, automated equipment in fabrication, coating and polishing and extensive metrology capabilities, Janos provides high performance optical solutions across a broad IR spectrum. Over the years, frequently in joint partnerships, Janos has developed unique precision optics and optical systems for the worlds finest research laboratories, space science integrators, military defense contractors, and analytical instrument manufacturers.

Precision OpticsWe design and manufacture custom infrared optics, sophisticated optical analysis systems, infrared zoom systems, diamond machined mirrors, and precision optical assemblies. We also design and manufacture precision custom optics for astronomy, defense, laser, and space applications. Janos precision optics have been specified by the William Keck Observatory in Hawaii, the Space Shuttle Columbia, and the Multi-National Mars Surveyor.



Precision OpticsWe employ a combination of the most experienced engineers and designers, skilled craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Certified to MIL-STD quality specifications and utilizing principles of Lean Manufacturing enhanced by Six Sigma, Janos products include thermal imaging lens assemblies in MWIR and LWIR, from complex collimators, and missile seeker heads to optical components and assemblies for markets including Defense, Security/Surveillance, Commercial, and Research. Difficult and one-of-a-kind components are one of our specialties.



Precision OpticsJanos also offers a full product line of COTS items for a variety of applications and customers needs. These products include, lenses, mirrors, prisms, windows and IR filters. If you need optical components for use in volume manufacturing, we will be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation.