Custom Optics

Janos Technology’s optical design team is one of the best in the optoelectronics industry. We can integrate optical, mechanical, and electro-optical disciplines to create the highest performing and most cost effective optical assembly solutions for our customers. Our custom optics and lens designs are optimized for manufacturing, often utilizing aspheric and diffractive optics. Our optical components, assembly, and systems engineering teams oversee the entire process from specification and design to prototype, manufacturing, testing and shipping. As an electro mechanical assembly manufacturer, we provide the highest quality designs and incorporate cost control measures to deliver customized product at affordable prices.

Optical Design & Engineering

Janos Optical Designers utilize ZEMAX optical design software in developing a solution for your application. Systems designed, optimized for maximum performance, and fabricated by Janos Technology include:

        • Objective Camera Lenses
        • Zoom Systems
        • Refractive Systems
        • Cryogenic Systems
        • Reflective Systems
        • Catadioptric Systems
        • Telephoto Lenses
        • Collimators
        • Microscope
        • Beam Expanders
        • Scanning Systems
        • Diffractive/Hybrid
        • Athermal Systems
        • Night Vision Systems
        • Telescopes
        • Bench Top Systems
        • Single Lens or Mirror Components
        • Electro-Optics Systems
The Binary Lens
It is not uncommon to find a binary lens in a Janos Technology optical design. A binary lens is one which, as a result of a diffractive function (concentric annular zones on the surface), is capable of enhanced imaging over a broad spectrum.The corrective features of diffractive optics, as well as their ability to lower costs and weight in optical systems, illustrate the promising future for these optics.

Auto-cad Diagram


Opto-Mechanical Engineering

Janos Opto-Mechanical Engineers are closely involved throughout the fabrication and assembly process. They utilize state-of-the-art Auto-cad mechanical design software to assist in the following:

• Opto-mechanical system design
• Single component design and detail print generation for fabrication
• Fixturing and tooling design
• Design and generation of detail drawings for fabrication
• Auto-cad is able to import information from ZEMAX and from customer’s disks

Opto-Electronic Engineering & Integrated Systems

Janos Opto-Electronic Engineers can help if your application requires infrared energy detectors, optics, or electronics. The Janos Engineering Team has created several patented designs in infrared energy detection systems used in gas, solid and liquid sampling.

Our skilled assembly team assembles complex and tightly toleranced lenses into housings with precision lens centering capabilities.