Lean Manufacturing

Janos Technology’s philosophy is that Lean Manufacturing will reduce cost, increase profits through the total elimination of waste, thereby contributing to our future as a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality optics, components and assemblies.

Our goal is to become the leading manufacturer of high precision optics, components and assemblies in the world by providing our customer with a combination of the highest total quality value, challenging and participative work for our employees, and long-term return on our investments.

There are ten points for Lean Manufacturing:

  • Management teamwork
  • Shop floor focused
  • Total business quality first
  • Just in time
  • TPM maintenance, equipment utilization
  • Policy deployment & accountability
  • Suggestion program & awards
  • Small group activities
  • Production engineering development
  • Virtual control of the business

Our constant goal is to improve our competitive position in the marketplace. We are committed to implementing Lean Manufacturing in every operation of our business from sales to production.

Customer Benefits:

    • More value for our customers
    • Standardized processes leading to improved delivery
    • Improved throughput yield = on time delivery, every time

Lean Manufacturing is an essential element for achieving Janos Technology’s goals. The foundation of Lean Manufacturing is Standardized Work Processes along with the reduction of waste and building quality into the processes. It culminates into the right product at the right time in the right quantity at the right price.