Quality Policy
ISO 9001
Lean Manufacturing

Every Janos Technology employee is committed to total quality as our path to excellence in achieving world-class status as the premier supplier of advanced infrared optics, components and assemblies.

We are a Total Quality Company continuously improving all work processes and employee skills in satisfying internal and external customer requirements.
Our values are:

  • Customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality optical components on time.
  • Assist each employee in improving their skills, encouraging them to take risks, treating them fairly and recognizing their achievements stimulating them to approach their work with passion and commitment.
  • Build trust and worldwide teamwork with open, candid communications, teaming with suppliers and customers with our focus on speed for a competitive advantage in the market place by simplifying processes and compressing cycle times.
  • Our employees accept and embrace change as a rule not the exception and drive it by encouraging creativity in each other in our journey for technical excellence.

The foundation for achieving our goals and objectives is the deployment of ISO 9001:2000 and Lean Manufacturing.

Customer Benefits:

  • Highest Quality Optical Components
  • On time delivery, every time
  • Lower cost
  • Customer satisfaction

Our quality process is led by Janos Technology’s senior management who has established our quality policies, objectives, direction and priorities. Senior management is the role model for our behavioral change.

Our strategy for success is great people, Lean Manufacturing, driving productivity and growth in our journey to become the premier optical manufacturer.