Assembly User Guide

Upon Receiving Your Janos Product

  1. Visually examine the lens for any damage during shipping.
  2. If the product is damaged upon receipt, please notify Janos Technology immediately. See Product Returns section below for more details.

Warning: Never Touch Surface Of The Lens

What you need to know about your new assembly.

Cam Pin– Required for the inner barrel to rotate and move in and out for focus. User should NOT use the threaded hole to lock down focus.Release Pin– Once lens is properly interfaced with the bayonet mount, the release pin must be depressed to rotate the lens and remove it from the mount by pulling lens away from the camera.Bayonet Interface– The Bayonet “teeth” on the lens will align with the opening of the Bayonet mount. Press the lens into the Bayonet mount, and rotate until the lens locks into place.

Manual Focus Adjust – By rotating the barrel, the inner barrel will move in and out. Rotating clockwise will move the barrel out, and will allow you to focus in on objects closer to the camera. Rotating counter clockwise will move the barrel in, and will reach the infinity focus location. All lenses are designed to focus “beyond infinity” to ensure that you reach the infinity focus location.