What are the specifications of an AMT 1.5-5 IR Lens?

: A high efficiency, anti-reflectance coating with moderate durability for AMTIR-1 optics, providing excellent transmittance in the 1.5-5µm spectral band.

Spectral Performance: The following spectral transmittance value is based on coating both sides of a 1mm thick AMTIR-1 substrate with Amtir 1.5-5.

Spectral Performance: @ 1.5-5µm
Transmission: 96% average
Reflection: 2% average per surface


Environmental Performance: The coating passes the following environmental tests specified in MIL-F-48616 & MIL-C-48497:

Adhesion: Cellophane tape removal test.
Humidity: 95% to 100% relative humidity @ 120°F (49°C) for a duration of 24 hours.
Abrasion: Moderate (No sign of deterioration such as scratches or streaks when abraded with a dry, clean cheesecloth pad).

Temperature: -80°F to +160°F (26°C to 71°C) for 2 hours at each temperature.

Note: Amtir substrates have an inherent propensity for cosmetic blemishes, such as light “streaks, smears, blotchiness, & discoloration” (reference MIL-F-48616, paragraph 3.4, 1.4 & MIL-C-48497, paragraph 3.32). Exception is taken to these cosmetic requirements. Experience has shown that such defects have no appreciable effect on spectral performance or coating durability.

The coating performance specified herein is typical of this particular coating and does not preclude adherence to other specifications on a case by case basis.

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