What are the specifications of a Germanium (Ge) 8-12 DLC IR Lens?

Description: An extremely durable anti-reflectance coating for germanium optics, providing good transmittance in the 8-12µm spectral band.

Application: Thermal imaging systems & FLIR systems operating in very harsh environments.

Spectral Performance: The following spectral transmittance is based on coating one side of a 1mm-thick Germanium substrate with Ge 8-12 DLC and the other with a high efficient A/R Ge 8-12µm.

Spectral Performance: @ 8-12µm
Transmission: 90% average
Reflection: 2.5% average per surface

Environmental Performance: The coating passes the following environmental tests as specified in MIL-F-48616 & MIL-C-48497:

Adhesion: Cellophane tape removal test
Humidity: 95%–100% relative humidity @ 120°F (49°C) for a duration of 24 hours
Abrasion: Wiper Blade (No significant degradation when subject to the windscreen wiper test of TS-1888, 5000 revolutions, 40g load)
Temperature: -80°F to +160°F (-62°C to 71°C) for 2 hours at each temperature

The coating performance specified herein is typical of this particular coating and does not preclude adherence to other specifications on a case by case basis.

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