R&D and Astronomy

In today’s evolving world of photonics, having a partner who has the diverse experience to manufacture the simplest optical component to the most complex integrated subassembly or system is invaluable. For more than forty years, Janos Technology has been designing, manufacturing and testing world-class optical products for a variety of customer and application needs. If you need something more complex, Janos has a dedicated team of multi-disciplined engineers who can assist you in finding solutions to your most challenging optical, mechanical or electrical system integration questions.


The Janos Advantages

• Optical Fabrication & Measurement to λ/ 20
• Able to Generate Virtually any Aspheric & Spherical Profiles
• Expertise in Manufacturing Complex & Non-Symmetric Geometries
• Ability to Provide Multi-Spectral & Broadband AR & Environmentally Durable Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings
• Prototype through High Volume Production
• Subsystem Integration including Optical, Electrical & Mechanical Requirements

Astronomy – Janos Technology offers the astronomer 0.75 – 5.5µm infrared wavelength optics backed by over thirty-four years of experience in design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Lens materials transmitting in the atmospheric bands, I, H, K, L and M out to submillimeter wavelengths are manufactured on a custom basis at Janos.

R&D and Education – Janos has a complete line of COTS optical components for the researcher, development engineer or scientist. Most of our products are in stock and can be shipped out within a few days. Be assured that all our items are made to the same exacting standards we demand for our most complex integrated assemblies. If you need optical components for use in volume manufacturing, we will be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation, call us at 603-757-0070.