Custom Solutions

As the use and importance of infrared technology continue to grow, the need for custom assemblies and prototypes grows right along with it. Custom assemblies are used during the feasibility portion of new product development, as would be the case in the development of a new infrared camera system. Additionally, custom assemblies are needed in cases where a unique apparatus is being constructed for specific research or testing. An example would be a cryogenic lens assembly for astronomical imaging.

What Janos Can Do

To serve this growing market, Janos Technology has a dedicated team of multi-disciplined engineers who can assist you in finding solutions to your most challenging technical and system integration needs. Their expertise is in the design of custom systems utilizing optical, mechanical and electrical technologies. Over the past five years, our group of engineers has developed a loyal following of customers who have identified us as one of the most knowledgeable and talented suppliers of custom assemblies in the industry.

Janos has been able to establish itself as a leader because of its ability to quickly identify customer’s needs, design viable options as well as alternatives, offer design solutions with detailed explanations of their relative merit, manage the fabrication and final testing of the prototype.

Janos offers customers full end-to-end capabilities for nearly all complex system and assemblies. This is possible because we offer unique solutions requiring electrical, mechanical and optical technologies.


What Makes Us Different:
1. We can save money by eliminating the need for customers to have the technical expertise for optical and opto-mechanical design.

2. We offer a proven level of experience with cutting edge infrared technologies that produce a cost effective approaches to a problems.

3. We offer quick quotation turn around time of less than one week for most jobs

4. We give our customers freedom from a single fabrication shop and offer them the ability to shop around for the lowest cost fabrication in the future.

The engineers at Janos bring together several key areas of expertise in developing innovative optical designs, which include the following:
• Refractive
• Reflective
• Catadioptric
• Anamorphic
• Broadband
• Scene Projection
• Collimators

Tailored Solutions
• Proof of concept, feasibility studies
• Size, performance & cost trade-off analysis
• In house optical design
• Opto-mechanical engineering
• Fabrication, assembly & testing capabilities
• Specializing in low volume/quantity quick turn around prototype production
• Hands on engineering support every step of the way