Commercial OEM

Commercial OEMWith the rapid growth of infrared technology in recent years, the commercial infrared market has seen many changes. Fueled by the development in both cooled and uncooled infrared focal plane arrays, new applications have emerged. From fire fighting and automotive night vision to predictive maintenance, infrared technology has opened up market opportunities that were once thought impossible only a few years ago.

For any commercial OEM company to continue to grow in this changing environment, partnering with an experienced infrared optics supplier who has the capabilities and technical know-how that can give you a leg up over your competition, is required. That’s why for over thirty-four years, many of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers have turned to Janos for their commercial infrared lenses and assemblies.

What Janos Can Do For You

Janos is unique in the industry because of its ability to integrate high  precision optical, mechanical and electrical systems in quantities from prototype through high volume production. This is possible because of our team of optical designers and engineers who use some of the latest optical and opto-mechanical CAD tools, allowing you to challenge us with even your most complex systems.

To make sure we are able to meet your tightest deadlines, Janos has invested over $4 million in the last three years on expanding our coating, diamond-turning, custom lens generations and automated polishing capabilities.

Janos is currently certified to MIL-STD quality specifications, and will soon be fully certified in ISO 9001 and AS quality standards. Janos has also embraced the disciplines of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing as ways of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies through the total elimination of waste.

Our products include thermal imaging lens assemblies in MWIR, LWIR and Multi-Spectral applications. Janos also has expertise in chalcogenide glass components, which are an aid when cost, weight and space are concerns.


Commercial OEM
The Janos Advantage

• Optical Fabrication & Measurement to λ/ 20
• Able to Generate Virtually Aspheric & Spherical Profiles
• Expertise in Manufacturing Complex & Non-Symmetric Geometric
• Ability to Provide Multi-Spectral & Broadband AR & Environmentally Durable Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)  Coatings